Assessment of the credit portfolio and the current market situation.

Benchmarking is a statistical report based on credit histories data to compare the metrics of your own credit portfolio with those of other institutions and general situation in the market.

The reports makes it possible to assess the performance of the credit organisation’s collections and delinquency management in comparison with reference groups and the market as a whole, to analyse the rate of growth with regard to the market, to identify areas of potential growth, risk or optimisation.

The service is provided in both the format of a one-off report and monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.

There are several types of reports:

Standard portfolio analytics, including vintage analysis

The report includes over 200 indicators, such as total amount of loans granted and debt amount, number of overdue credit accounts and delinquency amount, broken down by delinquency duration, number of credit accounts per customer, number of banks per customer, debt amount and number of credit accounts broken down by age buckets, early delinquency metrics, average parameters of a granted / closed loan, average monthly payment and many others. Information is broken down by product, with the possibility of filtering by region.

Vintage analysis comprises information on the number and amount of loans granted and their rolling to delinquency. Information is provided in a convenient format, with the possibility of regional analysis.

Report on early and late collections performance

The report helps to analyse changes in the quantity and amount on delinquent accounts depending on the delinquency duration, broken down by credit type and amount granted.

Bespoke report

This type of report is prepared according the organisation’s individual parameters and requirements for data structure, form and composition.

The service is aimed to:

  • Compare current results of a credit organisation with market indicators;
  • Complete a dynamic research of credit portfolio changes, comparison with competitor groups or the market as a whole;
  • Identify the areas for development or optimisation.

Advantages of the service:

  • The most complete and reliable data on the lending market;
  • Single calculation methodology for comparison of credit institutions and the market;
  • Availability of historical data for many years;
  • Flexible setting of the calculation methodology and forms of presentation of results and reporting periods;
  • Possibility of reference group customisation.