The Bureau technical specialists will help you to made connection and resolve all issues that might arise.

The Bureau operates online, data are shared via HTTPS protocol using CryptoPro CIPF. The data load site, request site and Bureau test site are available to clients are.

Steps for connecting to the Bureau:

  1. Set the workplace (or the server) and the connection:
    • Install CryptoPro (JСP 1.0.47, CSP 3.6 and higher) and CryptoARM;
    • Ensure internet access to Bureau websites.
  2. Obtain and install personal certificate by one of the 2 ways:
    • From United Credit Bureau (the Bureau is an operator of CryptoPro verification centre);
    • Use your own personal CryptoPro certificate, issued by another operator of CryptoPro verification centre.
  3. Get parameters (login/password) for entering the Bureau sites. Access rights of Bureau users are set at the client’s wish, depending on the functions and services the user needs.

How to pass data to the Bureau:

  • Import data on customers’ accounts from the database of the credit institution in the Bureau format;
  • Check using data quality control software on the credit institution side;
  • Upload encrypted data to the Bureau data load site and get a report.

All necessary information is contained in the credit organisation’s automated banking system, and, as a rule, formation of a data file poses no difficulty. Description of the Bureau data format, sample files and quality control software shall be provided after entering into an accession agreement.

For passing data, the credit organisation can develop its own data upload program or use existing solutions of developer companies.

How to get credit reports:

  • For small and medium organisations, there is a possibility of getting credit reports via a website (graphic user interface), where a user can enter the borrower’s details (full name, date of birth, place of birth and passport) and instantly get a report in the form of an HTML page with the possibility of saving and printing the credit history;
  • For large organisations, it is recommended to use B2B interface. Requests and responses are passed in the form of electronic messages in the XML format.

To get credit reports, a client may develop its own software or use existing solutions of developer companies.

As an example, the Bureau provides application source codes for Java and platforms, technical specifications for B2B interface, examples of XML requests and responses. The materials shall be provided after entering into an accession agreement.

Additional information on connection to the Bureau can be obtained by telephone: +7 (495)665-51-72.