ID Verification

Online customer identification.

The main principal of the service is to verify if an applicant with provided personal data exists and could be verified with justification that personal data belongs to the owner of the data. Check is made by applicant personal data search within credit bureau data base. Justification is made by verifying details of information, which could be known by the personal data owner only and can’t be manipulated by fraudsters even having applicant ID documents.

Service is giving an opportunity for secure data verification between on-line applications and credit bureau data and to receive the score result of ID check. No one from the users would have direct access to the data. Service would notify about suspect information and improper activities. To secure confidentiality United Credit Bureau will manage the service and monitor the rules applied for all participants of the service.

Advantages of the service:

  • Ability to use for different sales channels: remote, and direct sales;
  • Utilization of information from the closed part of the credit history for customer verification;
  • Fixed list of questions to the customer on their latest credit obligations;
  • Score to assess the verification result;
  • Response to a request within 2 seconds;
  • Easy integration.