Fraud prevention at credit institutions.

Global Experian Solution for fraud prevention. Implements complicated cross-checking algorithms for identifying data mismatch and application inconsistencies. Predominately checking against current and previous applications to identify multiply applications from the same applicant and by cross-checking against known fraud and suspect information.

The service is aimed to:

  • Reduce the losses from fraud (identify high credit fraud risk applicants);
  • Increase the approval rate (identify low credit fraud risk applicants);
  • Reduce operational expenses (segment applicants by risk level and select verification strategy).

Advantages of the service:

  • Online or batch processing;
  • Full-fledged retro testing as of the client request date;
  • Large number of participants in different lending segments;
  • Broad regional cover;
  • Basic functionality of the local solution on the bank data in addition to the national search;
  • Score for fast customer segmentation;
  • Real-time update of fraud statuses.