Notification of changes in the borrower’s credit history.

Triggers – notification service designed to improve a lender’s ability to respond to key credit-related activity, in a timely manner. The Bureau monitors clients for significant events that might be symptomatic to increasing risk and are likely to influence the lender’s decision-making process.

UCB offers more than 90 triggers, grouped by packages depending on their purpose.

  • Basic and Basic Plus will help you to track customer activity in such areas as cross sales, debt collections and limit management. This package will be sufficient to get acquainted with the service and its capacities;
  • Collection – debt collections;
  • Fraud – monitoring of suspicious activity of the customer;
  • Positive – monitoring of improvements in the customer’s payment discipline;
  • Address – control over the changes in the customer’s address details.

The service is aimed to:

  • Develop relations with existing customers;
  • Offer products and services to customers on cross-sales basis on the grounds of daily monitoring;
  • Monitor delinquency via tracking payment discipline;
  • Manage credit card limits via tracking customer’s daily activities with regard to the product;
  • Prevent fraud via tracking customer’s credit activities and payment discipline.

Advantages of the service:

  • 90+  triggers to monitor customers;
  • Customised trigger packages;
  • Obtaining triggers on a daily basis;
  • Easy start of customer monitoring;
  • Credit history information included in the trigger;
  • Convenient CSV output file format.